Gerard Butler is back in action in the official trailer for Ric Roman Waugh’s (Snitch) latest feature, Kandahar. Introducing audiences to Butler’s CIA agent, Tom Harris, the new trailer spells out the plot of a government mission gone horribly wrong in Waugh’s upcoming adrenaline-filled production.

The opening moments reveal Agent Harris taking on the daunting task of wiping out a nuclear reactor in Iran. After being exposed in the media as the man behind the attacks, Harris makes the quick decision to make a run for it with his translator (Navid Negahban, Legion). The duo’s escape lies in the Afghanistan city of Kandahar — a whopping 400 miles from where they are when the news breaks. Speeding through the deadly points in between, the two men come face-to-face with multiple enemy forces who are on a mission of vengeance. Relying on one another, the agent and his translator only have the trust between the two of them to carry each other through the multitude of dangers and to the extraction point.

Starring alongside Butler and Negahban in Kandahar are Ali Fazal (Bollywood Hero), Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Olivia-Mai Barrett (Alex & Co.), Nina Toussaint-White (The Bill), and Elnaaz Norouzi. Along with helming the production Waugh also penned the script with Mitchell LaFortune who is also the mind behind Alex Parkinson’s upcoming film Last Breath which will star Woody Harrelson, Simu Liu, and Djimon Hounsou. In addition, LaFortune holds a special connection with the story of Kandahar as he had a front-row seat during the breakdown of the Snowden leaks which took place when he was serving the United States as a military intelligence officer.

Image via Hopper Stone

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The movie will mark a reunion for the director and his leading man as Waugh and Butler can’t seem to get enough of working with one another in explosion-filled action features. The duo has previously teamed up in the high-octane films: Angel Has Fallen and Greenland. While we don’t have much information other than Waugh’s involvement as a director on the projects, Night Has Fallen and Greenland: Migration, the next installments in each franchise, are on the way. Considering his ties to each franchise, it would be odd if Butler didn’t reunite with the director again for both follow-ups.

Along with leading the cast, Butler also serves the film as a producer with Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Brendon Boyea, Christian Mercuri, Alan Siegel, Scott LaStaiti, and Ali Jaafar.

Kandahar comes to theaters just in time for Memorial Day on May 26. You can check out the official trailer below.