Revenge is going to the dogs in the first trailer for the new comedy Strays from Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar director Josh Greenbaum. The live-action CGI hybrid film follows an abandoned dog who, with the help of his fellow canines, is ready to wreak a terrible vengeance on the owner that neglected him. He adjusts to the joys of the stray life in this first look at the film, learning everything the outside world has to offer. At the end of it all, though, he just wants to go back home and bite his owner's d—k off.

The trailer starts off by making it seem as if Reggie (Will Ferrell) has a perfect life. He can go outside and frolic in the grass with the butterflies and then go home to his "loving" owner Doug (Will Forte). What he fails to realize is that Doug is a massive jerk who berates, neglects, and throws beer cans at him. He finally realizes that Doug hates him when another dog named Bug (Jamie Foxx) tells give him a reality check—their little "game" where Doug chucks the tennis ball and drives off is an attempt at abandonment. Rather than leaving him to head home to an owner that doesn't love him, the fellow strays take Reggie under their wings and show him the town.

Reggie learns that life as a stray gives total freedom to drink beer from an alleyway, play with the sprinklers in the park, and get in fights with reflections. What he really wants to do, however, is go back home and get sweet puppy vengeance. What follows is an adventure back home that gets the dogs into all sorts of trouble. With the help of American Vandal's Dan Perrault on writing duties, Greenbaum creates a lot of fun for these dogs who become arsonists, hump some garden gnomes, and trip so hard on mushrooms they change animation styles all on their way to breaking down Doug's door.

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Strays Boasts an All-Star Comedy Cast Behind These Canines

The starring trio of Ferrell, Foxx, and Forte gets to shine in the trailer and all three are coming off some major roles. Ferrell recently wowed audiences over the holidays with the musical comedy Spirited opposite Ryan Reynolds. Foxx recently got the lead in Netflix's Day Shift, but he's also not far removed from reprising his role as Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Finally, Forte recently attended the Sundance Film Festival for the family comedy Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out. He also has a fun Who Framed Roger Rabbit? type film coming up with Coyote vs. Acme where he'll share the screen with the Looney Tunes.

Beyond those three, there's a stellar voice cast on board to support. Rounding out the group are Isla Fisher, Randall Park, Josh Gad, Harvey Guillén, Brett Gelman, Rob Riggle, Jamie Demetriou, and Sofia Vergara. On the production end, acclaimed producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are on board the project to make this something special.

Strays releases the hounds on June 9. Check out the trailer below.