The sequel movie to the popular hit period series, The Last Kingdom, has set its premiere date on Netflix. The movie, titled Seven Kings Must Die is set to debut on Netflix on April 14 according to Variety. The streamer also released new images for the movie today, teasing fans about what’s to come.

Seven Kings Must Die will continue the story of The Last Kingdom, following the tales of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. In this 2-hour-long sequel, Uhtred will adventure once more with his comrades across the scattered kingdom in a bid to form a united England after the death of King Edward as invaders and rival heirs battle for the crown. Seven Kings Must Die will feature returning series characters to battle alongside Uhtred played by Alexander Dreymon. The new images feature Uhtred, his allies, and his rivals as they prepare for battle. Dreymon had revealed the news about the production of Seven Kings Must Die at London MCM Comic-Con in 2021.

The movie will be directed by Ed Bazalgette and written by Martha Hillier. Producers are Nigel Marchant, Gareth Neame, and Mat Chaplin. Seven Kings Must Die is produced by Carnival Films, a part of Universal International Studios. Dreymon who executive produced The Last Kingdom will return as an executive producer for Seven Kings Must Die alongside Hillier. Speaking about the movie, Dreymon said it was an honor to be a part of the series and the movie, adding that he is proud of the cast and crew for making the series and movie possible.

“It has been such an honor to be part of telling this story for all these years. As an actor, I have been so challenged and gratified by the privilege of playing Uhtred. Hanging up Uhtred's sword after filming Seven Kings felt, ironically, heavy - even though I know that our tale has reached its conclusion. As an EP on the show, I could not be more proud of the hundreds of people who spent thousands of hours to make the best product possible. As for our loyal fans..what can I say? You are the reason we’ve reached this point and got to bring our saga to the end. This, as it always has been, is for you.”

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The Last Kingdom is based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories, and it first premiered in 2015. Netflix became co-producers of the series, beginning with the second season before acquiring full rights to the rest of the series. The Last Kingdom, which is set around the year 866, following the Great Heathen Army’s arrival in Britain and the Kingdom of Wessex’s continued resistance against Viking attacks, centers around Uhtred, a warrior born to a Saxon lord, but raised by a Danish warlord after he was kidnapped as a child. The series came to an end after the fifth season, but the story continues in Seven Kings Must Die.

Seven Kings Must Die will premiere on Netflix on April 14. Check out the new images below: