The Super Bowl brought so many exciting new movie trailers, but none were as crowd-pleasing as the debut trailer for DC’s The Flash which finally races into theaters this June. The emotionally thrilling spectacle gave us a glimpse at the Flashpoint-inspired story. However, more importantly, it gave a better look at Ezra Miller’s second run as Flash, the debut of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, and the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman which has been over 30 years in the making. Now Warner Brothers have dropped three new character posters highlighting the multiverse trio of DC heroes.

Worlds Collide in New The Flash Posters

The three posters see a moody Flash presumably thinking about the massive damage he caused the timeline, Batman looking as cool as ever with Keaton’s signature smirk and classic yellow emblem, and Calle’s Girl of Steel with her back to the camera in her stylish new super suit. In a lot of ways, this is the best look we have gotten yet when it comes to these iconic heroes' updated costumes. Flash is going for a closer comic-inspired look with a more prominent white and yellow emblem featuring yellow lightning strikes rather than Zack Snyder’s blue lightning seen in Justice League.

Then there's Keaton who looks ripped straight out of his last superhero outing Batman Returns. Even though his last Batman film was released in 1992, the actor hasn’t aged a day and looks so good back in the suit it’s chilling. Finally, the most distinct feature of Calle’s suit has to be the sleek red stripes running down the arms. That helps the typical red and blue color scheme hit harder than it normally would. You can also definitely feel echoes Henry Cavill’s Superman throughout the design.

Image via Warner Bros.

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Flashpoint Inspired Plot

While DC Fans have gotten hints about what The Flash’s epic multiverse story would entail, both the new trailer and official plot synopsis released on Super Bowl Sunday confirmed the heavy Flashpoint influences. The film will see Barry deal with the consequences of trying to save his mother from dying in the past which completely destroys the timeline.

For the DC films, this means Michael Shannon’s General Zod was never defeated in Man of Steel, Meta Humans don’t exist, and Superman has been replaced by a depowered and captured Supergirl. The latter of which is something Superman dealt with in the Flashpoint comic. This is where the Keaton version of Batman comes in as he tries to help multiple versions of The Flash fix the timeline. This film will also feature the return of Ben Affleck’s version of The Dark Knight who warns Barry not to save his mother in the trailer, but of course, the young hero didn’t listen.

The Flash Release Date

The Flash crosses the finish line in theaters on June 16, 2023. The film has had a very long and bumpy path to getting made, but seeing Keaton and Affleck’s Batman along with Calle’s Supergirl has made the wait more than worth it. While fans anxiously wait for June to get here, you can view the new character posters down below.